Welcome to Ferri e Figli Born from generations of the same family creating hand crafted Coffins with a mastery of this distinguished tradition.

Over many hundreds of years the maestro carvers have created these images which are now presented with the same passion and dedication to detail and care towards achieving a beautifully finished work of art.

In order to create the finest product we use a number of exotic hardwood species hand selected from around the world.

From West Africa we offer Limba or Frake , Mahogany, Beli , Ayous , and Ebiara . From central Africa Okoume.

From the United States comes Yellow Pine , and from America and Europe Ash and Oak .

To create a truly individual finish you can choose from any wood that we offer with your choice from our many designs. Furthermore because we create by hand every stage of the process we are able to offer a truly bespoke service catering for any personalised details or requirements.

We attain the highest quality of selection and production throughout our manufacturing process in order to give you the greatest satisfaction and maintain our position as the market leader.

Ferri e Figli

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